London is bustling with activity getting ready for the Olympics in a couple of months and the Diamond Jubilee this weekend to celebrate the reign of the Queen! London looks fabulous with all the Union Jack banners festooning the streets! I kept busy getting to my lesson Thursday with the Duke of Uke, Matthew was a fun teacher who opened my eyes to chord-melody playing. I have much to practice. Whilst there, I got to try about 11 ukuleles in all price ranges and there is a difference when you spend some money. I bought a Mele and am thrilled with it. I had no trouble getting back to the States with two ukes. I had brought one over to play earlier in the week. The Duke of Uke store has a great collection of books, cases, accessories, and banjos, too., I got a cute little amp and pickup that you wear on your belt for busking and classroom work. Can't wait to use it downtown on Saturdays. Maybe next week!

Earlier in the week, I played at the Queen of Hoxton jam. There were about 13 or so people there...hard to see. That was one of the darkest bars I have ever been in. We arrived very late (around 9 PM) but they were going strong. Several young ladies from France were there visiting with a friend. I was made most welcome and did just fine. I did not know a lot of the more modern British band tunes but once through a chorus and verse they were fairly manageable. We had not had dinner and there was no food at the bar (!) so we hopped back to the Tube station and ate from kiosks. I had a great time!!!!!! Ukulele players are the same happy lot the world over!